The New Normal

First things first – This is my oldest niece and me a year or two ago. It’s her birthday today (20! Ahhh).

Happy Birthday, T!


Okay, back to business.

Blogging about my Whole30 is getting harder. I think because the Whole30 has really become my normal life – and what is exciting about blogging about normal life??

I’m finishing Day 22. A Week from tomorrow will be my “last day” of the Whole30. But not really, cause most of the following 10 days, I’ll still be eating the same. So it’s kinda like the Whole40-ish. I’m still feeling great. Cooking is pretty normal to me now, which is nice. I think I’m getting quicker!

This weekend I had the wonderful experience of putting on a T-Shirt and it actually fit right. T-shirts and I – we’ve never gotten along very well. They usually fall or suck against any rolls I have, making them unwearable to me. This shirt wasn’t too bad, but I would always where a jacket or a button-up shirt over it because I was self-conscious in it.

But Saturday. Oh, Saturday. I put the shirt on and it fit and it didn’t show any thing. I wore it and it alone – no jacket or anything. And I wasn’t constantly pulling it down to make sure it was smooth. It was a wonderful feeling. Very exciting.

I needed that because, while I can kinda tell I’ve lost weight by how I look in the mirror or even when I touch my arms or what not, it’s nothing concrete. It’s not a number on a scale or a measurement, or before and after pics side by side. It’s mostly, “I think I’ve lost weight, but what if it’s in my head?” So having a shirt finally fit me correctly was definitely a mental boost that I needed.

I ate out for the first time on Sunday! I was nervous, but it actually was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I got a salad with grilled chicken, told the waitress what I couldn’t have on my chicken, and enjoyed it with balsamic vinegar. It was so nice! I felt like a normal person having lunch with friends.

Ahh, the new normal is feeling really great, guys.

Love ya’ll!


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