P(lease) M(ore) S(nacks)…

Ah, PMS. A wonderful time in every woman’s life.

Now, in the past I always knew I craved junk food and wanted to eat more, but I figured a lot of it was just mental. After experiencing PMS while on the Whole30, I now know the truth.

It is NOT JUST MENTAL. I was so freaking hungry! And Chocolate. Oh Chocolate – I wanted some so bad! I haven’t really craved anything this entire time – so don’t tell me it was all in my head!

But don’t you worry, friends, I’m happy to report I am still slip-free! I did eat a few more Larabars than normal, but hey – that’s not bad, if I do say so myself. And I do…say so…myself.

In the Whole30 book it says that a lot of people experience very vivid dreams where they are eating “forbidden” foods while doing this diet. I chuckled at that and thought, aw that’s cute. But that definitely won’t happen to me.

Three times. It’s happened THREE times.

During week two, I had a dream I was knockin’ back SO MANY frappuccinos. So delicious. I blame the aforementioned Starbucks ads on social media. Jerks.

This week (PMS week), I dreamed I was eating this big bowl of oily, poorly-mixed mac and cheese. It was gross, but I kept eating it. What?!

A couple nights later, I dreamed I was eating anything around, not realizing I was eating “forbidden” food until I was sipping on a bottle of Coke.

In all the dreams, when I woke up and realized it wasn’t real, I was SO RELIEVED! I didn’t actually screw up! I guess it makes sense that something I’m so focused on right now – what I’m eating – would seep into my dreams too.

Eighteen Days, guys! I can’t believe I have less than two weeks to go. I’m transitioning into planning mode now – what will I eat to reintroduce food groups back into my diet? How am I going to eat after this? What boundaries do I need to put on myself to make sure I don’t easily slide back into old habits?

I’ve never spent so much thoughtful time and energy on my health. It doesn’t feel like a burden though, more a problem to solve, a sort of game I suppose – a hobby? Whatever it is, I’m staying very interested in it, so that’s a plus!

Thanks again for reading, friends. I hope you are doing well on whatever journey you are on – remember: Love Yourself First and Always Keep Fighting – brighter days are ahead!


Me and Jared Padalecki, March 20, 2016


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