I’m running out of things to blog about! I may start blogging every other day, unless something interesting happens or inspires me – just a heads up to all my loyal followers (haha…).

Like I’ve said before, I’m enjoying cooking. However, cooking every weeknight was getting a bit hard – mostly due to the amount of time it was taking. I’m sure as I cook more I’ll get faster. So yesterday, I decided to simplify things.

For dinner, I made myself a salad – I basically just put anything I already had chopped in the salad. I also cooked up some chicken. Then, a miracle happened. I tried Balsamic, and I loved it!

I have tried Balsamic so many times before and always found it to be pretty gross. This diet change has definitely affected my tastebuds! This makes me so happy because I don’t want to have to make my own salad dressing!

Also, all the other salad dressings I looked at when I went shopping had soybean oil in them. What’s with that? (for those who don’t know, you can’t have soy (legumes) on the Whole30). So, balsamic it was. Tessamae’s Balsamic is Whole30 approved, and delicious! They have other dressings and sauces as well, I found them in the refrigerated section in produce. But read the labels! Some of their dressings have soybean oil in them too!


Tonight I had a side salad, chicken with salsa, and half an avocado. SIMPLE. And delicious and satisfying. And I didn’t spend the majority of my night in the kitchen!

Tomorrow is Friday and then another busy weekend for me. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really planned my meals/how I’m going to get through this weekend – that will be first priority tomorrow night so I can successfully navigate it!

Have a Happy Friday!


P.S. I promise, sometimes I’m not even looking for Supernatural-related gifs. They just find me.


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