This is Life Now



During this whole process, I’ve had this feeling that at some point, this was going to get very very hard – I’d have horrible withdrawal symptoms, and I’d want to eat everything I’m not supposed to, and I’d want to cry at every meal. This hasn’t happened. Not even close.

But still, I’ve been fearful of it – waiting for the monster to attack.

Today, while at work, I was thinking about this once again. When will it start to get really hard? When I’m halfway through? When I’m near the end?

I realized two things:

First, why do I believe that this has to be painful? Everyone’s experience with things is a little different, with some similarities, of course. But what if my body and my mind and my soul were just really ready for this? So, I’m choosing to stop waiting for the bottom to drop out on me. I’m going to keep focused on the road ahead and believe that only the best things are to come during this experience.

Second, there is no halfway through, no end to this. I will never be done. This is life now. And while there are some things that I’ll get to add back into my diet in 30 (now 22!) days, the habits I’m starting now are the same habits I’ll need in my new life. I’ll be cooking more and thinking more about what I put into my body.

I think that in some ways, always thinking that there is a finish line in a diet (or any other lifestyle change), harms progress. Because what happens when you finish? You go back to old habits? Shouldn’t you be different by the end of it, so it’s not easy to go back?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m going to be celebrating the crap out of making it through this thing! But actually looking at this as my LIFE and not just a month to get through is what’s going to make real change take place.


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