Keep Going

I got home really late on Saturday night, so I decided to do a combined blog tonight!

Saturday morning/early afternoon was very relaxed for me.I spent time planning my meals for the week and compiling a grocery list. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and ran out of time to make and eat my lunch before I had to leave for my film-making class. I was worried I would get too hungry and make a bad decision later, so I started to look for any type of approved food I could take with me. I ended up taking a couple pickles, half an avocado, olives, and a Larabar. I ate on the go and it saved me from getting hungry.

After class, I went and visited my mom. I had packed my dinner, so made it there while we chatted. Then I went to see my brother’s family’s new house. It was a great time, but it was a little hard to be there because there was pizza, brownies, and I even saw some of their groceries on the counter. But I made it through. I feel like every time I make it through a situation like that, I get stronger. I’m also proud of myself for making it through an on-the-go day without stopping for fast food AND without simply not eating all day.

This morning (Sunday) was really nice. I was able to make myself breakfast and coffee and relax before church. The rest of the day was busy with grocery shopping and food prep. It’s definitely not ideal for me to have to do both on the same day. There were so many times that I wanted to stop making dressing or butter or chopping vegetables. I had to have a constant dialogue with myself:

“I don’t need to do anymore. I’ll be okay. I’ll just figure it out tomorrow. I just want to sit down and watch TV.”

“Aubrey, this is not that hard. You just have to chop some veggies. It’s easy. Keep going.”

And I did – I kept going. And the food I made came out fantastic! I’m actually finding cooking to be kind of fun – who knew?

Oh and it’s official now – I’ve made it through the first seven days! I can’t remember the last time I actually made it through any diet plan for seven days without cheating once!

Here’s to a week of success – and for this next week as well!


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