One Tiny Sip

Panera Bread.

I sat through a two-hour work meeting while everyone was eating Panera Bread, and I survived! Do you think they make a souvenir T-shirt for that? I ate my chili and Larabar, and made it through!

Something did happen during that lunch meeting though – completely unintentional. We had two types of iced tea from Panera Bread. I tried one and it was decent, then decided to try the green tea.

In one tiny sip, I knew.

This has sugar in it.


I panicked a little inside, but was in the middle of the meeting so had to focus on the agenda. Meanwhile, this small cup of green elixir-of-the-gods tea sat in front of me – taunting me, calling to me, begging me to give in.

“You already had a small sip, might as well drink the whole cup.”


A few times during the meeting, I looked at the cup and had the same thoughts – more from habit than desire:

I should finish the cup of tea because I poured myself a cup of tea.

If I already made a tiny mistake, why not enjoy it and make it a full-on mistake.

Old thinking patterns must die.

After the meeting was over I went online to check the ingredients, and sure enough, cane sugar was on the list. I gave my cup of tea to a coworker and continued on with my day. I’m a little annoyed that sugar crossed my lips, but it was such a small amount that I’m moving on.

I’m proud of myself though – for resisting my old thinking patterns and leaving a cup of really delicious tea in front of me for two hours and not giving in.

I’m still feeling pretty great, and cooking food and prepping meals is almost becoming normal to me. I seared and baked a steak tonight – it was delicious, and I didn’t even put any sauces on it.

It just really feels good to be living life like this right now.

And now, I get to enjoy a night of binge-watching Supernatural on Netflix with another one of my amazing friends! Yay for Friday and for the weekend!



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