Day Four. Rawr.

My alarm went off this morning and my eyes opened, and I was just, awake. Like, fully alert – no grogginess or heaviness. I mean, I still hit my snooze button a few times cause I wanted to lay there longer. But wow, I was just so ready to get up.

Normally, mornings are rough for me – no matter what time it is or how much sleep I’ve had, I hate waking up. Maybe part of that is the way I’ve been eating all these years – sort of drugging myself.

Today was another great day, but I think I’m really starting to feel the effects of all these changes. I was tired again throughout the day, and I felt some pains in my head at different times. I was also extremely thirsty – I couldn’t get enough water!

I was also not super impressed with my scrambled eggs this morning. They were good, but I guess more than three days in a row is too much. I’ll have to mix it up this next week a bit more. I also felt hungry at several different times today. I think I’m eating plenty, so it may just be withdrawal or thirst for water.

Tonight, I had coffee with one of my amazing friends! I ordered an iced black coffee, nothing added to it – and it was amazing! So good! This was a pleasant surprise. I’ve been having hot black coffee in the morning and it’s been okay, but the coffee at the coffee shop was even better. I’m so glad I can have coffee during this – at least I get to keep one of my addictions.

Spending time with my friend was so good! Today was a bit challenging, so being able to spend some time with someone who always “lights me up” was just what I needed!

LindsayandMe Mariners

(This is my friend and me at a Mariners game this past Summer)

Tomorrow is Day Five. It’s Friday and payday – a day I’d normally treat myself to eating out and/or Starbucks. But friends, I will persevere – I will make it through!





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