The Best Medicine

This morning, my head felt so heavy – like I had been hit by a truck in the middle of the night! Luckily, there was no pain, but it made it very hard to pull myself out of bed. But I did, and then successfully made everything for my breakfast without having to look at the cookbook! And I know that my “recipes” aren’t super difficult, but for me, this was an accomplishment!

I waited for more detox symptoms to come today – but nothing really came except more tiredness. I actually feel like my mood has already improved! This was very helpful today, as work was crazy stressful!

I mean, most of the day I felt like…


Very grateful for my group of co-workers- wouldn’t want anyone else to be in the “foxhole” with me during battle! A bit dramatic? Yeah probably, but that’s me – hiii!

I did have a few moments today where I got overwhelmed thinking about the length of this thing. But I talked myself down rather quickly – one day at a time, Aubrey. Also, I really hate all the food promos you have to scroll past on social media sites now – Starbucks will you PLEASE STOP with the frappuccino ads?? Help a girl out!

On my way home from work I thought about how I got through the day without making a mistake with eating, considering how stressful it was. I know that at some point I was getting a little cranky and almost wanted to cry (combination of stress and new eating habits will do that). I figured out what I did – I started laughing and making more jokes. I mean, I make jokes on a regular basis, but I think I cranked it up a notch today. I – we – laughed a lot this afternoon and let me tell you – it’s good medicine.

I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future – maybe if I need some stress relief when I’m alone, I’ll watch a funny show or movie or some stand up comedy.

Good night, everyone! Keep laughing and smiling through it all!


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