Love Yourself First

Day two went better than I expected! I did have to deal with my spring allergies today, but they are starting to clear up a bit – one good thing about it finally raining!

I feel like I’m just waiting here, the calm before the storm of headaches and crankiness and any other withdrawal symptoms that are coming. I’m really trying to embrace how I feel now so I can hold on to that when I’m having a bad day!

The only withdrawal symptom I did start to have this afternoon was tiredness. I felt like I could close my eyes and fall asleep at my desk if I wanted to! But eating helps with that. I ate lunch a little earlier than normal when my sleepiness started to affect my brain function, and I perked right back up!

This morning, when I left my house I found this gift left on the outside of my door:


Ha. Luckily, this early in the journey it didn’t phase me – but nice try!

This Whole 30 thing is pretty interesting. I feel like I’m in an experiment. It’s actually really good that it’s so black and white – there’s no way to trick yourself into cheating. Each day or meal is kind of like a pass/fail test – you either ate what you were supposed to, or you didn’t. I’m a pretty “gray” person naturally, so I guess this will be good for me – no faking myself out!

One of the rules on the Whole30 is no weighing yourself the entire 30 days. I put my scale in a closet that’s hard to open so I wouldn’t be able to weigh myself easily. I didn’t think that would be a big deal, but even last night I thought “I wonder if I lost any weight today – I did so good!” Then I was grateful that I couldn’t check. I felt so good about yesterday, what if the scale told me I’d gained weight? All of the good that happened yesterday would have been ruined.

I can already see how much this journey is a mental/emotional one more than a physical one. Which, when you’ve battled weight for any length of time, is what this all boils down to. You’re eating -or not eating- in healthy way, not because of the food, but because of how you feel about yourself. But most diets and plans focus heavily on the physical – without taking care of the root of the problem.

I’m hoping that this will help me take care of some roots 🙂

One timely thing that happened today was receiving this in the mail:


It’s a t-shirt I bought as a part of a Represent campaign that Jared Padalecki does several times a year to raise money for non-profits (here’s an article about the beginnings of this) . It was a great reminder today that I’m doing this as a way of loving myself first – my whole self. And sometimes loving yourself first means doing hard things so that you can be happier and healthier on the other side.

Two days down, 28 days and a lifetime to go.

Remember friends – love yourself first, and always keep fighting!


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