Sad Awakening

Mornings are cruel.

At least when they pull me from you. They rip me from happy moments that only exist in my mind as I sleep, as I dream. While dreaming, you are my reality and life is good.

But then dawn creeps in, slowly clawing at my consciousness, forcing my mind to recognize my true surroundings: my bed, my room, my life – alone without you.

I try to stay, I do. I will myself to fall back into my joyful slumber to spend more time with you in whatever adventure we’d been having.

But my body betrays me as it continues to grow more aware of the coming day. So I surrender. I sigh. And I am sad.

But hope. Hope helps me arise. Hope that one day I’ll have you around during my waking hours, not just in dreams. And until then, hope that it won’t be too long until we fellowship again in my dreams.


(I wrote this a couple months ago and put it on tumblr. Thought I’d put it on here since tumblr didn’t really work out for me 😉 )


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