All of Me

Being a person is quite an extraordinary thing. It’s not like being another kind of animal. We think, we learn, we progress, we analyze.

Animals exist. They eat, sleep, defecate, reproduce, and sometimes even develop what seem like human personality characteristics. But in the end, they simply exist and do their animal thing.

People, however, are not made to simply exist. Sure, we eat, sleep, etc etc. But we’re created for so much more. We have ideas and opinions and feelings. We are able to observe and adapt – physically, mentally, and emotionally. This very trait of being able to adapt is critically important.

This ability to adapt can also be the thing that kills us.

How many times have you observed the people around you and made sure that you adapted to what the majority were doing? There’s no shame in it – it’s what we do. We don’t want to stick out or do something wrong – we want to preserve our reputation and keep ourselves safe. Safety doesn’t always have to do with physical safety – we want to keep our hearts, the very core of ourselves, safe from scrutiny and judgement.

I’m 30 now, and over the last decade of my life I’ve been on a journey of discovering who I am and each season that has passed has brought a new awareness to me of how much I’d been hiding from the world around me. I’ve adapted very well, you see. I know how to say the right things, avoid the wrong things, and to not rock the boat. But as each season passes by, I realize that by hiding, I’ve robbed the world of myself.

This past weekend I went to Emerald City Comicon. I’ve never gone to one of these before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured I’d see a lot of interesting people – and I did. And it was beautiful. It was beautiful because these people came out and showed off who they were, what they loved, and weren’t ashamed of it at all. Even more so, everyone else embraced them for all the more for it.

The fact is, we are all gorgeous, beautiful creatures. And we are all amazingly unique – so why try to hide it?

So here is this blog I’ve just started with this post. It is my attempt to stop hiding. I have no idea what will end up posted here, but I’m going to post it. I hope you enjoy it – or, at the very least, are inspired to show the world who you are – all of you.

This is my attempt to show the world all of me.


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